Monday, 20 October 2014

Quote of the Week | #46

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney
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I think our generation's biggest fear/mistake is not taking risks or having courage to follow through with things to achieve the things we want to do in life. It starts when you're in year nine and you need to choose your GCSE options which will essentially line you up for your A Level options which will set you up for University. 

I myself remember feeling incredibly pressured when I chose my GCSE options and i'm pretty sure most of the people around me felt the same. Once I got to my A Levels I was so confused by all the options I had, do I carry on with my A Levels and go off to University or do I step out in to the great big world of "work" and start having to do things like tax and pay out bills and rent?

In the last six years i've wanted to be and achieve so many things. Many of them I have, because I learnt to have faith and believed in myself and I had the courage to step out of the crowd and do what I wanted to do because I wanted to do it, not because society told me that I had to.

I guess what i'm trying to say here is unless it's something dangerous or life threatening, give it a shot, you'll never know unless you try. If you really want to study to be the best Doctor in your town, do it and put all your courage and might in to it and you will be the best Doctor you can possibly be. If you want to move to a different city to pursue your career in the West End, then do it! What's holding you back? Stop being scared into doing things that you don't want to do, just because society tells you have to do it to be normal.

Everyone has courage, sometimes it just takes us some time to find it within ourselves ♡ I hope you have a fantastic day and remember, keep on smiling ♡
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Polyvore Style Board | #40

Quite a basic look for today, but perfect for this time of year! I've never been a fan of yellow but this year i've been eyeing up a large number of mustard yellow clothing pieces, including this beautiful large knit cardigan. It's from Desire Clothing and it's currently only £12, bargain. I love chunky cardi's/jumpers, they just make me feel extra cosy! 

I decided i'd team this cardigan up with a burgundy shade as I think they just work beautifully together, don't you? I've sort of built up an army of skater skirts and dresses now, they're just so flattering. This one in particular is from H'n'M and it's only £9.99. Pop some sheer black tights on underneath to keep your legs warm!

Chelsea boots are a staple every year and this year, just about everywhere is selling them! I actually bought some that look exactly the same as these Monki ones but they only cost £15. These Monki ones are probably better quality, £40, but they look exactly the same, promise! Boots in general go with every outfit so they're certainly a must have.

Backpack's do wonders for my back! I always seem to have so many things to carry around with me, i'm sure not all of them are 100% necessary but anyway, one shoulder bags really hurt my back. Backpacks even out the weight across my back and make it so much more comfortable. Plus, they look adorable! I think even a black backpack would have gone really well with this look, but I went for brown anyway because hey ho, why not?

Y'all know about my love/hate relationships with hats. I always throw them in style boards but then when it comes to ordering/buying one I always chicken out! I don't know, I just don't think they suit me but they look rockin' on everyone else! Sigh. This one is from Warehouse and it's available for £25.

Make up wise, I think a natural look with a nice autumnal lip shade would work great with this. This lip stick is from Lancome and it's in the shade Berry Noir. It's a deep shade but leaning more towards the pinky side of the spectrum so it's not too daring. All of the shades from Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge range are beautiful, deffo worth a look! 

So what do you think of this look? Would you rock it? Let me know!
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Rather Pricey Homeware Wishlist

Armchair | Sweetheart Lamp | Pink Paris Clock | Unicorn Pillow | Relax Pillow | I Love You Pillow | Hakuna Matata Bed Spread | Floral Soap Dispenser | Toothbrush Holder | Elephant Candle | 3 Piece Tea Set | Antique French Victorian Hand Mirror | Perfume Bottle

If money were no object aye? I've seriously overspent on my imaginary budget here. Altogether the items come to around £1,000. I don't need any of these items but I sure as hell want them!

We'll start with one of the most beautiful armchair's I've ever seen! I adore the print, it's quite out there but still subtle enough to fit in with a neutral themed living room/bedroom, adding a little bit of a chic pop! It'll set you back around £190 which isn't a bad price for an armchair, plus is adorable!

How perfect is this backstage sweetheart lamp? It reminds me of something they'd have backstage at Moulin Rouge. This is another stand out item that would really add some extra sass to your bedroom. It's no surprise that it's a Modcloth item, did you really expect a wishlist without one, and it's only £28! This is probably my favourite find on this wishlist and I think it's going to be a Christmas present from me.. to me! Sorry i'm not sorry. 

I visited Paris around a year and a half ago now and it's such a beautiful City and whenever I see anything plastered with Parisian streets and of course, the Eiffel Tower, I feel a strong urge to buy it, is that weird? Aside's from the fact it's pink, you can order it as large as 60"! I'm 64" in height so this clock would be nearly as tall as me, how epic would that look above your dinning table?! Admittedly £560 is a lot of money for a clock, but I did tell you that this was a pricey wishlist! 

The next item is ridiculously priced but it's freakin' epic! Hello, a water colour effect Unicorn Pillow?! Who wouldn't want one? Oh, just me? Okay. £150 is the grand total for this baby. So if anyone's feeling generous, you know what to do..

The second pillow is just something sweet I need to have propped on that pink armchair up there. Relax, you're home, just a little reminder that you should always have some wind down time once you get in from a long day at work. Plus, monochrome ♡ Still fairly expensive at £60.

I'm guessing you've figured that this third and final pillow isn't a cheap one either. It reads, "I love you everywhere and anywhere inside and outside and inside out. Top to bottom and bottom to top." Again I just think it's really sweet and mushy, 100% something i'd send as a twitter update if I was feeling lovey dovey. 

I found this bed spread/fleece on the same website as the armchair, If you know me well, you'll know that I absolutely adore the Lion King. Being the monochrome lover that I am, I couldn't leave this out of a wishlist could I? Beside's, Santa could be reading.. P.S i've been very good and it's only £38.  

Another trend that i've loved for quite some time now is floral print and every now and then I do consider scrapping my plans for a nautical themed bathroom and re doing it all in floral prints. But then I remember how hard it was for me to convince Nolan that we should re decorate our bathroom in the first place. But how glamouros is this liquid soap dispenser(£20)? I need to see if I can find the mathcing toothbrush holder to store my make up brushes in, how sweet would that look on your dressing table? Speaking of Toothbrush holders, this one is super cute isn't it? I think this would be a really cute way to remind your kids the they need to brush their pearly white's, don't you think?

£109 for a candle? Sometime's I wonder how i'm not totally broke, 100% of the time. Who else even looks at these things? Well done Maisie! 

I've wanted a proper little tea set for so long now. Not to use, just to have on the side in the Kitchen for decoration. This 3 piece from Royal Albert is such a gorgeous looking set. As much as I say i'd like to have it as more of an ornament, for £130, i'd be to scared of the cat's knocking it off the table, so if I did make a sneaky purchase, i'd probably have to live it's life hidden away in a cupboard. 

Another item that i've wanted for years and years is a hand mirror and I recently found this one on Etsy and it's currently on sale for just £38. Certainly another piece to pop on the dressing table and show your mates when they pop over. 

I think perfume bottle's are so beautiful. Think about how much work and effort has gone into designing each and every bottle. I keep all of my perfume bottles, never do I throw them away. I'm now buying a shelf to display them all on and I'd like to add this one to the collection. 

So there's my home ware wishlist for this month! What are you currently lusting over? Let me know below!
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Zara Home | Black Vanilla & Dark Amber Soap

Zara Home - Black Vanilla Soap | Zara Home - Dark Amber Soap | £3.99 each

Hold up, Zara make soap? Yes, yes they do. Am I the only one who didn't know this? I recently visited Portugal and spent way too much money, and I spotted a Zara Home store so decided to take a peak. I'd already pretty much run out of money but when I saw that Zara had their own soap line, I had to try it didn't I!? Come on, I make soap for a living, I have to try everybody else's too, right?

That in mind, the first thing I did was pick up each and every soap bar and have a good ol' whiff and check out the ingredients. From what I can gather, the majority of the ingredients are standard vegetable based soap ingredients, although there are a couple of lengthy ingredients towards the end but they seem to just be preservatives, nothing too scary.

I decided to try out the dark amber soap first and oh my goodness, it smells divine! It has such a warm scent, it almost smells, Christmassy, i'm guessing there's some cinnamon thrown in there, but I can also smell hints of Chamomile which makes it nice and refreshing.

The black vanilla soap has your classic musky yet fresh blend of vanilla and what i'm guessing is also Chamomile. I've put a lot of guess work into these description as my ability to determine scents is pretty terrible. Both of these soaps smell beautiful and they're a really decent price for the size of them(just over 150 grams each)

Both soaps have a really lovely feel to them and don't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated. If you're in to soap and all things bath and body related, you have to check out my place of work, The Gibraltar Soap Shop, i'm not being paid to say this, nor am I saying this just because I work there, but we have some gorgeous products, check out our Vanilla and Honey soap if you can, it's amazing!

Have you tried any of Zara's soaps? What did you think of them? Let me know!
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October Beauty Wishlist

Benefit They're Real, Push Up Liner | Nars Blush, Unlawful | Zoella Soak Opera | Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion | Zoella Beauty Bag | Nars Nail Polish, Ecume | Lancome Pairs, Colour Design, Mauve Cherie | Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick, Bag Girl Bronze | Rita Ora for Rimmel Nail Polish, Do Not Disturb | Dior Nail Polish, Nuit 1947 | Phillip Lim for Nars Nail Polish, Gold Viper | Nylon, Starrily Nail Polish, Sea Glass

Well that's quite a hefty wishlist isn't it?! When you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you find yourself needing wanting way too many items, especially when it's coming up to season change.

First up we have Benefit's Push Up Liner and this is simply here because of the amount of blog posts i've read on it. It's quite a pricey item, as are most of Benefit's cosmetics, but if it's really as good as everyone keeps saying it is, then I really don't mind spending £18.50 on it. The only thing I don't know about this product is how long it'd last when used on a regular basis. So if you've had this product for a while, let me know how long it lasts? Merci.

Next up is firm blogger favourite and it's Nars' blush in the shade Unlawful. I usually tend to go for matte shades when it comes to blusher and bronzer but this colour is such a beautiful shimmery pink. Maybe not perfect for a/w but still a lovely colour to have in the blusher collection! You can grab this from Selfridges now for £22.50

The next three items are from Zoella's new beauty range. I was so super stoked when she announced that she was bringing out her very own range, it's really encouraging and motivational to see people around my age doing so well for themselves! I kind of want the entire collection but that would have just made for a boring wishlist wouldn't it! So I decided to pick out my three favourite's and these would be the Soak Opera (£5)bath soak/shower cream, Creamy, Madly, Dreamy Body Lotion (£5)and the Beauty Bag (£8)with the guinea pig on it. Aside's from the fact that i'm a little bit of a Zoella fan, i've seen some great reviews on the bath soak! All of the items are really reasonably priced and the beauty bag is just so adorable! Who's already ordered these items?

I swear, LancĂ´me's entire range is just beautiful. I love how sleek and sophisticated their packaging is and this palette is tres jolie! It brings an all over, a lid, a crease and a highlighter shade and a liner. I'm really loving the look of purple smokey eyes this season so this is a certain must have to achieve that autumn trend. It's retail is $55, so please, help a broke girl out and if you find a dupe, let me know!

Another blogger favourite are the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Shadow Sticks, Bag Girl Bronze in particular. I've seen so many great make up looks by simply just pairing this shadow stick with a nice highlighter and good ol' winged liner. At just £4.49 it's definitely a winner.

I've gone a bit nail polish crazy in this month's wishlist, oops? Honestly, I really don't need any more polish's, saying that, my buddy Kathy is even less in need of them and her collection keeps growing, so why can't mine? Mine's really not that grand in comparison haha! There are two of Nars' bad boys and they're Ecume (£15), an opaque white(which I still haven't purchased, oops?) and a Phillip Lim for Nars polish in the shade Gold Viper which I think is just perfect for the Christmas period! It's limited edition so make sure you grab yourself one right now! Currently available for £15.

I grabbed myself a couple of the Rita Ora for Rimmel polish's a while back and they're really great quality so naturally, I need more now! I love this bright teal shade, Do Not Disturb, another item that's not really a/w themed but I love it all the same! On a whole Rimmel's nail polish are pretty good quality and for £3.69, cheap as chips!

Dior certainly know where it's at with their polish colours this season. This shade, Nuit 1947, is a rich berry colour and I really think it'd suit all skin tones. Another pricey one at £18, but so worth it!

Last but not least is this shimmering mermaidesk nail polish from Nylon by Starrily and i'm honestly in love with it. It has a shattered glass effect and it really looks like the best thing since crackle nail polish. If you follow the link you can see a photo of what the polish looks like on, tell me you're not drooling?! $10 is about £6-£7, nothing for such a beautiful polish!

What's in your favourite's this month? Let me know below!
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